NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Organics2Go by Wastequip

Wastequip, a manufacturer of waste handling and recycling equipment, offers its Organics2Go program that facility managers can implement for the collection, storage, and transport of the organic waste generated at their sites.

Key to the program’s success is a waste audit. Through the audit, Wastequip can customize a solution to meet customer needs. Facility managers can request a free, no obligation audit to evaluate the potential for their operation.

Each Organics2Go program is designed based on the volume of organic waste typically generated at a site, as well as other customer priorities such as employee safety, product shrinkage, appearance, and odor. Wastequip then recommends a system that will help facility managers reduce disposal costs, improve safety, and meet sustainability objectives.

The Organics2Go line includes a range of products for the safe collection, storage, and transport of organic waste including containers, carts, cart lifters, biofiltration systems, and digesters in a variety sizes.

Wastequip has introduced a series of specially designed containers to work in conjunction with the BiobiN® patented biofiltration system. The BiobiN system creates an aerobic environment for organic waste to minimize odors and the attraction of pests, allowing more time between pickups. Containers designed to complement the BiobiN system include a plastic organics front end load (FEL) container with a trap door lid for safe, easy loading. There are also several steel containers ranging in size from 3 to 20 cubic yards including the backpack container designed to eliminate spillage when the container is emptied as well as a steel organics front end load container and a steel roll-off container.