FRIDAY FUNNY: Play The Game And Save The Planet!

FRIDAY FUNNY: Play The Game And Save The Planet!
Imagine if you had the power to make the world a better place…how would you do it? Would you discover new ideas by playing a board game based on the concept of sustainability?

FRIDAY FUNNY: Play The Game And Save The Planet!


FRIDAY FUNNY: Play The Game And Save The Planet!

Sustainability is probably one of the most commonly used buzzwords heard in both boardrooms and back offices these days. Facility management professionals are constantly being bombarded with green initiatives that support corporate sustainability efforts and reduce the bottom line. But rarely is this concept tackled in a way that’s both fun and informative…until now.

Scott Cooney, green business author and eco-entrepreneur, has created a game of the times: GBO (Green Business Owner) Hawai’i. The goal of the business is to get players (aka “investors”) to achieve the best triple bottom line return on their investments. 

Throughout the course of the game, investors are given opportunities to support businesses that help Hawai’i create clean energy, support local and sustainable food, and reduce waste. Players earn dividends and create good green jobs in the process. By having the best overall rank on green job creation, eco-credits, and profits, the player wins the game.

Players can invest in eco-businesses such as sustainable forestry operations, wind farms, green builders, algae biofuels processors, and sea water air conditioning (SWAC) technologies. Players must line up the skill sets of their human resource cards with the needs of the businesses they’re looking to start. For example, clean tech engineers are required for most renewable energy ventures. And players navigate public policy changes that influence their investments. Meanwhile, random events keep players on their toes with both positive and negative developments.

GBO Hawai’i is a sustainability themed board game for ages 13 and up, designed to help students and adults understand sustainability from a business perspective as well as a public interest one. And it can quickly adapt to become a more portable and faster playing card game—or switch back to the board game—in a matter of seconds. 

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  1. Substainability is just Perpetual Motion seen through a Green tinted pair of glasses.

    Entropy INCREASES, get over it and move to a rational world view and leave the Magical thinking for faith based idealogy and out of contention for the management of the Nation and world.

    The Game appears to loaded with irrational ideas, i.e. clean tech engineers???? as opposed to the garden variety of dirty engineers??? forsooth!