AERCO International recently introduced its OnAER Remote Monitoring Service, which continuously monitors AERCO boiler systems in a facility and alerts staff there via e-mail to a fault occurrence or decline in equipment performance. Using cloud based technology, the service uses computer tracking to monitor, record, and analyze the boiler systems.

Early detection and alerts help avoid potential lengthy and expensive service interruption for facility managers. And the productivity and efficiency of service personnel is increased as they can arrive equipped with information about the fault. If non-critical problems are detected, facility managers can schedule service at their convenience.

The OnAER Remote Monitoring Service tracks three types of data: Heartbeat Data (Run Cycles, Temp Control, Exhaust Temp, O2 on boilers, and Flame Strength); Set-up Data/Set-up Configuration Data (Setpoint, Operating Modes, and Safety Limits); and Event Data (Warnings and Faults).

Facility managers can also obtain monthly reports generated from the data the system captures. These reports help to track performance trends, maintain reliability, reduce the cost of ownership, and identify opportunities to increase efficiency.

The service is available over secure, authorized Ethernet connections and data only travels outbound, eliminating security risks. The service does not require static IP addresses or changes to firewalls.