NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Retro-Commissioning from Atkins

Atkins, a global engineering and design consulting firm, has added a national retro-commissioning business to its service offerings. Based in Fort Myers, FL, the business is being directed by Dave McFarlane, former owner of the retro-commissioning firms, McFarlane, Inc. and Technical Commissioning, Inc.

Retro-commissioning is a comprehensive “facilities tune up” process that maximizes the operational efficiency of existing building systems. If engineers find efficiency issues in a facility, they repair, adjust, and refurbish its systems to improve airflow, water flow, and other aspects of operations that reduce energy use, improve occupant comfort and safety, and prolong equipment life.

McFarlane noted that retro-commissioning has been proven to reduce energy consumption by as much as 35%. The new organization has begun work on several retro-commissioning contracts that Atkins is securing from military, government, and private sector clients.

The service business is housed in Atkins’ Asset Management Practice.