ICC, UL Collaborate On New ANSI Standard For Landscape Irrigation Controllers

The International Code Council (ICC) and Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) jointly will develop a new ANSI standard—Devices to Control and Operate Automatic Landscape Irrigation Systems—to ensure the basic safety and function of landscape irrigation controllers. UL and ICC will invite industry stakeholders and the public to participate in the standard’s development and apply to be part of UL’s Technical Panel. The panel will be responsible for the development of the new standard.

The new standard will complement and support landscape irrigation provisions found in the 2012 International Green Construction Code (IgCC) other codes, standards, rating systems, and local legislation, according to ICC Senior Vice President of Technical Services Tom Frost, and ICC Executive Vice President and Director of Business Development Mark Johnson.

The standard, in part, will address the importance of safety in electrical devices in landscape irrigation controllers. The new standard will establish a basis to ensure the safety, function, and durability of common electrical devices.

Interested stakeholders can get involved in the process through the development and review of draft documents, providing feedback and participating in working groups. Those who serve on the Technical Panel will also be able to vote on ballots for the final approval of the new ANSI standard.

“Most participation will take place online or via conference calls, along with in person meetings,” said Deborah Prince, Standards Technical Panel (STP) Chair at UL. “In the next couple of months we will hold our joint standards technical panel kick-off meeting.”

To be included on the contact list or to apply to participate in the Technical Panel, contact Prince at deborah.r.prince@us.ul.com.