IFMA Announces Building Information Modeling Community Of Practice

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) has launched the Building Information Models Lifecycle Operations Community of Practice (BIMLO COP) to bring Building Information Models (BIM) practice leaders together for educational content necessary IFMA members worldwide.

IFMA Chair, Marc S. Liciardello CFM, MBA, CM noted, “This is another critical step forward in advancing the sustainability of real property assets over their lifecycle. This tool will empower fms with more robust data and innovative business practices that will ultimately enhance building value and workplace performance. Increasingly, we are seeing government, including the US and European Union, require BIM utilization in public procurement. IFMA’s board of directors, on behalf of its membership, is committed to delivering the BIM to FM knowledge transfer of this important technology to the FM community with the manifestation of that commitment by the establishment of this community of practice.”

Building owners and facility managers benefit from BIM by being part of the early design process which can include energy modeling of HVAC and lighting systems resulting in lower operating expenses over the life of the building. Although complex, BIM is meant to be a collaborative process and impacts contracts, insurance, intellectual property rights as well as work performance.

BIMLO COP held its first meeting at the 2012 World Workplace Conference & Expo. During the first meeting, the group was scheduled to draft a strategic plan and elect its first Board of Directors