QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Facilities Management Software

This Question of the Week comes from the Facilities Management Group on LinkedIn.

I am trying to find a facilities management software program for our facility, which is a national diagnostic lab. I want to include drawings, equipment, PM, leases, pictures, etc.—all the tasks associated with facilities management responsibilities.

Peter Kirkland
Facilities Manager
Birmingham, AL

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  1. Regarding Peter Kirkland’s inquiry about a software program to include drawings, equipment, PM, leases, pictures, etc. I’d like to refer you to the Archibus program, an AutoCADD based program that incorporates your floor plans and provide a variety of other Facilities related services. Rand Worldwide’s facilities management “experts are professionals with real world industry experience, with strategic partnerships with best-of-breed FM technology providers such as ARCHIBUS, OSIS, and Autodesk”.

    My company just completed a buildout of 250,000SF in NY and we now use tha program as part of our daily operations.

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