QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Age And Adaptability

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Age And Adaptability
Is there solid research indicating if age has an impact on how well employees adapt to change in workplace policies and procedures?

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Age And Adaptability


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Age And Adaptability

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

This week’s question comes from the  Workplace Evolutionaries group on LinkedIn.

Does anyone have any data/studies that measure the impact of employee age on how well different groups adapt to new work environments (open offices, hoteling, activity based work)? Intuitively, I would think Gen Y would adapt better than Boomers, but I haven’t found anything to support that. The one study I found suggested there was no link between age and resistance, but there was one based on tenure.

Kate Lister
Global Workplace Analytics/Telework Research Network
San Diego, CA

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