QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Recycling Hauling Fees

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

This week’s question comes from the Greater Louisville Chapter of IFMA group on LinkedIn.

I am in search of a recycling company that does not charge a hauling fee for each pick up. Our recycling buggies are currently stored inside the building because there is no room for an outside recycling container. Can any other facility management professional offer advice or recommendations?

Tina Rhudy, FMP
Associate Director
Presbyterian Church (USA)
Louisville, KY

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  1. As far as I’m concerned this is mostly why I develop recycling programs, to avoid trash hauling cost… I mean to save the planet of course! ;-)

    In the DFW, Texas area, we have companies that offer to haul off all single stream recycling (for purposes of a campus environment, anything that does not have liquid, food, or styrofoam cups). We use the rolling dumpsters in buildings, then collect them in one dumpster compactor. The compactor has an attachment to lift the rolling dumpster to empty it. Sometimes they will pay us for the recycling material if it’s pure enough and the economy is in demand for it, but the best part is that it’s hauled off for free!

    Try contacting all of your waste haulers in your area to see if they have a partner that they work with. If not, check with you nearest municipality waste system. Most cities have some kind of a recycling program going these days.

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