NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Advantage Service Plans from Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric recently introduced its new Advantage Service Plans for electrical distribution systems. Available through the company’s Field Services group, three-tiered Service Plans (Plus, Prime, and Ultra) offer proactive maintenance and repair support, including labor and travel, spare parts, and replacement parts over the coverage period. Advantage Service Plans are designed to address facility managers’ pain points and reduce costs through a balanced fixed price operating model. This fixed cost preventive maintenance offering builds upon Schneider Electric’s services and solutions expertise.

Preventive maintenance in facilities management has become increasingly important for a wide range of organizations, including those operating in commercial buildings, industrial plants, data centers, and government and healthcare facilities. In recent years the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has encouraged organizations to implement Electrical Preventive Maintenance Programs; the NFPA stresses that these programs satisfy an important part of management’s responsibility for keeping costs down and production up.

Schneider Electric’s preventive maintenance service plans offer a cost-effective solution that maximizes reliability and increases workplace safety. Facility managers can select the plan with the features that best suit their needs.

Advantage Plus provides technical support, preventive maintenance services, and comprehensive reporting. Advantage Prime adds guaranteed on-site repair response should an issue arise, in addition to the basic services. Advantage Ultra includes on-site spare storage and necessary repair parts, as well as all of the aforementioned services. Facilities customers have the flexibility to select either a 12 month, 36 month, or 72 month term for their Advantage Service Plan.

The Advantage Service Plans offer detailed reporting of maintenance, including corrective recommendations, with input from Schneider Electric engineers. Through proper care, testing, and maintenance by service personnel, these service plans can strengthen equipment reliability and optimize equipment life. These service plans help take the guesswork out of budgeting since there are no hidden charges. And billing can be structured to provide a fixed payment schedule balanced over the term of the plan.

Schneider Electric ensures that qualified professionals can safely and effectively provide necessary maintenance to any manufacturer’s brand of electrical distribution equipment.