NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: ezIQC from The Gordian Group

The Gordian Group’s ezIQC® solution is designed to simplify and expedite the procurement process for facility and infrastructure repair, renovation, and minor new construction projects. The ezIQC offering enables facility managers to complete construction tasks in less time at a lower cost because the competitive bidding requirements are satisfied ahead of service spotlight

The ezIQC construction procurement process is available through cooperative purchasing networks nationwide. Many times, the amount of work an organization needs to perform does not necessitate a fully customized Job Order Contracting (JOC) solution. To address this scenario, The Gordian Group formed alliances with national and local purchasing cooperatives to make the benefits of its JOC system available to a larger number of facilities professionals. The result is ezIQC.

ezIQC was recently used to complete a restroom rebuild for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The original scope of work called for a major remodel to make the restroom ADA compliant. At the project site, a joint scope meeting between the ezIQC representative, facility representative, and contractor led the group to discover that the extensive remodel needs would cost more than demolishing the restroom and building a new one. The flexibility and open communication inherent to the ezIQC process allowed for the facility owner to cut costs by adapting the scope of the project. The work was completed on time and within budget.