THROWBACK THURSDAY: Are You The Fooler? Or The Fool?

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Are You The Fooler? Or The Fool?
So what kinds of pranks have you witnessed on the job? And did you trick or get tricked? April Fool's day is just around the corner; be on your toes!

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Are You The Fooler? Or The Fool?


THROWBACK THURSDAY: Are You The Fooler? Or The Fool?

Originally published on April 1, 2011, this story is part of FacilityBlog’s Throwback Thursday offering. 

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

Jello staplerLive fish in the water cooler, a stapler in Jell-o, a coffee mug hanging from the ceiling—back in 2004, these were just some of the April Fool’s Day jokes 23% of workers reported they had played or fallen victim to according to a survey. Seventy-seven percent of workers said they could not recall any April Fool’s Day trickery at their place of business.

Highlights from “THE TRICKED”

  • A co-worker crank called me saying that I was being fined $500 for not showing up to jury duty that day.
  • I was told by a coworker that I could leave early, which I did. It turns out it wasn’t true.
  • My staff left voicemail messages one by one with different excuses on why they wouldn’t be able to report to work (car trouble, sick, funeral, etc). Meanwhile, they were all hiding in an office one floor below.
  • Someone switched the “M” and “N” keys on my keyboard.
  • They super-glued my drawers shut.
  • Someone at the office put a fake engagement announcement about me in the local paper.
  • Unbeknownst to me, a friend at work hung a sign on the back of my car, which read, “Please wave, I have no friends!”

Highlights from “THE TRICKSTERS”

  • We moved someone’s entire office contents to the front lobby.
  • We placed a fake outline of a dead body on the floor when clients came to visit.
  • I swapped the felt tip from a highlighter with the felt tip from a black magic marker.
  • We taped down the pins that pop up when you pick up the telephone, so it just kept ringing and ringing when the receptionist tried to answer a call.
  • We all turned in our resignations to the boss – we later said we were kidding.
  • I hid in a box that had been shipped to us that day and jumped out at my boss when he opened it.
  • We did the typical – changed someone’s screensaver to something inappropriate, switched the men’s and ladies’ room signs, put a spider on someone’s shoulder, etc.
  • We stole a coworker’s favorite old, broken down chair from the office and took Polaroid pictures with co-workers sitting in it at different tourist or business locations. We made him go on a hunt for the chair, which led him back to the office where we had balloons and food waiting.

So what kinds of pranks have you witnessed on the job? And did you trick or get tricked? Either way, happy April Fool’s day to all.

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