March 2014 Issue (Volume 27, Number 2)

Today's Facility Manager: March 2014
A routine day for facility managers is anything but routine, but that's why so many professionals enjoy the challenges. This issue covers everything from occupant health, life safety, business continuity, and data centers.

March 2014 Issue (Volume 27, Number 2)


March 2014 Issue (Volume 27, Number 2)

Today’s Facility Manager: March 2014TFM March 2014

Tricks Of The Trade: Transitioning To Facility Management and Best Practices Pursuits

FM Frequency: Occupant Well-Being | Occupants benefit from effective cleaning practices along with other strategies.

Technology And FM: Building A Green Data Center | Whether pursuing LEED certification or not, the rating system’s standards provide clear guidance.

Facility Retrofit: Delivering Daylighting | At Douglas County, CO schools, daylighting has become a standard.

Services & Maintenance: Energy Improvement Plans | There are numerous avenues to conservation, and facility managers can integrate their plans into long-term strategies.

FM Issue: Safer And Stronger | Fire systems and policies at the University of Iowa have been revamped. A sidebar article on sprinkler systems can help facilitate selection.

Data Center Trends: Monitoring Data Centers | Crucial to successful operation is choosing the best system to track power conditions.

K-12 Case Study: Education Renovation | In Herculaneum, MO, improvements at four school facilities were put in place through an energy performance contract.

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