Focus On: Roofing

Today’s Facility Manager serves as a comprehensive resource for facility product and service buyers. In this web exclusive Roofing product focus, the editors present several of the latest introductions to the market. Look for a variety of product categories to be highlighted online throughout the year. These are in addition to the products you will find featured in the magazine during 2014.


Retrofit Roof Solutions by Roof Hugger®
Retrofit Roof SolutionsRetrofit Roof Solutions are designed for installing a new metal roof over an existing metal roof without removal. The space created between the old and new roofs presents an opportunity to add insulation for increased thermal efficiency. There are products for existing screw-down/exposed fastened metal roofs regardless of panel profile; existing trapezoidal or vertical rib standing seam roofs; existing corrugated roofs regardless of corrugation spacing; and for new thermally active through-fastened metal roof systems over any substrate. Systems have been Factory Mutual and Florida Product Approved as well as wind load tested in accordance to stringent industry standards.


SecurShield HD Composite by Versico Roofing SystemsSecurShield HD Composite
SecurShield HD Composite is a continuous above deck insulation for use on combustible decks in new or retrofit applications. It consists of a closed cell, lightweight, resilient expanded polystyrene (EPS) bonded to a high-density polyisocyanurate cover board. SecurShield HD Composite satisfies Title 24 requirements at a lower R-value; is compatible with all fully adhered or mechanically attached EPDM, TPO, and PVC membranes; meets or exceed the requirements of ASTM C578; and has a UL Class A rating for combustible and non-combustible decks without gypsum or any other cover board.


DEXcell™ by National Gypsum
DEXcellDEXcell is a family of roof boards for commercial roofing systems. The three products in the line are designed for use as cover boards and/or thermal barriers; act as a fire barrier and meet FM Class 1 and UL Class A fire ratings for roofing systems up to unlimited slope per UL 790; and are mold resistant per ASTM D3273. They come 4′ wide in 4′ and 8′ lengths that score and cut easily. DEXcell Glass Mat Roof Board has coated fiberglass facers and is suited for mechanically fastened roof systems. DEXcell FA Glass Mat Roof Board is made for fully adhered roof systems (also used on the roof side of parapet walls), and is manufactured with heavy-duty coated fiberglass facers. Both feature an enhanced gypsum core; are produced in 1/4″, 1/2″, and 5/8″ thicknesses; meet ASTM C1177; and are specially coated on the front, back, and sides for easy handling. DEXcell Cement Roof Board is a moisture resistant cement board manufactured to ASTM C1325 and recommended for green roofs and photovoltaic systems. Available in 7/16″ thickness, it is made of Portland cement, lightweight aggregate, and glass mesh for a hard, durable surface and exhibits freeze/thaw resistance, bond/pull-through/uplift values, and high compressive strength.


EverGuard® Extreme™ TPO by GAF
EverGuard Extreme TPO
EverGuard Extreme TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) is formulated for severe applications and engineered with solar installations in mind. This TPO single-ply membrane is built to handle demands that new rooftop applications can place on roofing membranes. It exceeds key ASTM standards for TPO membranes and uses a proprietary formulation of stabilizers and UV absorbers to achieve exceptional weathering performance, including heat aging and UV weathering. EverGuard Extreme TPO is available in 50 mil, 60 mil, 70 mil, and 80 mil versions; in 4′, 5′, 8′, and 10′ widths; and in 50′ and 100′ lengths. It comes in standard colors (e.g., energy tan, gray), pre-formulated colors (e.g., dark brown, regal blue), and almost unlimited custom colors—most of which include “Cool Color” technology to help increase reflectivity and reduce energy costs. The TPO is guaranteed for up to 35 years and meets ENERGY STAR, Title 24, FM, UL, Miami-Dade, and FBC FL5293-R7 codes.