New Product Flash: Senso Faucet from Sloan

Experience Senso | Programmable, Microprocessor, Infrared Sensors and LEDs in a Modular One-piece Construction

Intuitive, lighted controls enhance the user experience of this low-flow hand washing fixture.
Intuitive, lighted controls enhance the user experience of this low-flow hand washing fixture.

Sloan has introduced Senso, an electronic faucet that delivers an illuminated rainfall pattern of water. Intended for high-end commercial facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and corporate restrooms, Senso features intuitive controls. Users can set the water hotter or colder by adjusting the faucet’s featherlight touch sensors, which are lit with red or blue LEDs to indicate temperature. The rainfall water flow from the faucet is also illuminated and shuts off automatically when hands move out of the sensor product flash

This chrome plated, die-cast metal faucet is a modular, one-piece construction and is available with flows of 0.5 gallons per minute (gpm) or 1.0 gpm multi-laminar spray. Senso’s low-voltage line power eliminates the need for batteries.

Sloan SensoOther features include: magnetic mono-stable solenoid valve; water supply connection with flexible high-pressure hoses and strainers; ceramic disc mixing valve; on-board diagnostics; programmable time-outs; and a 120VAC/12 VDC plug-in voltage adapter.

The Senso matches with Sloan Designer Series lavatory systems. It is compliant to ASME A112.18.1-2005; CSA B125.1-05; ISO/IEC 17025; and ANSI A 117.1.

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