Question Of The Week: Bad Maintenance Practices

The FM's Critical Eye Regarding Neglected Maintenance
As a facility manager, what have you seen that has been a result of poor maintenance (or complete lack of)?

Question Of The Week: Bad Maintenance Practices


Question Of The Week: Bad Maintenance Practices

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

This week’s question comes from the Facilities Management Group on LinkedIn.


Just about everywhere I go, the exit lights aren’t working. This goes for major shopping complexes, gyms, banks, and even the office where I go to renew my electrical license. It seems that there is a mandatory requirement to install emergency lighting, but not to maintain it.

In most situations this would be the responsibility of the facilities manager, but it seems to be something that is often overlooked. What do you think? Or am I the only one to notice this?

Craig Tobin
Facilities Officer
Western Australia, Australia

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  1. I notice bad signage address of a facility is must either it’s not there or it’s to small to see from the road. Also parking lot pavement. this reflect on facility manager as well.