New Product Flash: Bigfoot CMMS from Smartware Group

Bigfoot CMMS from Smartware Group
Available in two versions, the software features an upgraded user interface to simplify how facility managers oversee asset maintenance.

New Product Flash: Bigfoot CMMS from Smartware Group


New Product Flash: Bigfoot CMMS from Smartware Group

Smartware Group, Inc. has introduced an upgrade of its Bigfoot Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS). The latest version modernizes the user interface design to simplify the way facility managers oversee asset maintenance for their organizations. Bigfoot CMMS is now available in two editions, Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise and Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise+ (designed for multi-site environments with more complex requirements). Smartware Group.
In both versions, a streamlined user interface adapts to how users view, scan, and interact with screens of any size (e.g., smartphones, tablets, iPads). The vertical scrolling design of the interface allows users to access all functions by scrolling down a single page.
A focus of the upgrades is productivity. The new user interface was designed to eliminate complicated procedures and condenses the CMMS down to the information and procedures that users need quickly. For instance, with one click, users can access a preventive maintenance (PM) calendar showing the entire estimated workload for the day, including PM tasks, non-PMs (unscheduled events and repairs), and work orders.

Other features in the new design are: location based work orders; document management; and multi-site management. Location based work orders provide the ability to manage work orders by both an asset and a site. Users can also tap into a new parts inventory to show one part in multiple locations and the quantity of each on hand at each location. Document management has been enhanced so users can set up an asset maintenance media library and create files for spreadsheets, illustrations, videos, and other applications. And with multi-site management, users are able to shut down a specific site for a set period of time.

Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise and Enterprise+ enable users to enter asset data with the same nomenclature their organization uses to refer to specialized equipment. Users can preset data views to check on corrective and preventive maintenance alerts, and toggle back and forth between these views, without having to customize the program.

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