New Product Flash: HVAC RapidB System from Echo Barrier


The Echo Barrier HVAC RapidB system from Echo Barrier was developed as a solution to mitigate the noise from loud mechanical equipment on commercial and residential rooftops. After discussions with several New York City government agencies, Echo Barrier, a UK-based provider of noise reduction products, presented a pre-engineered, lightweight modular acoustic system that can be fit around rooftop equipment to reduce noise pollution from buildings.

Though building codes in New York City contain regulations that restrict building noise levels, common mitigation systems were found to add tremendous weight that most building structures cannot support. Additionally, these systems were often not designed to withstand prolonged exposure to weather.

These PVC noise reduction panels are hung up around rooftop equipment to reduce noise pollution.

City agencies in New York have long sought out a solution that would be more lightweight, durable, cost-effective and easy to deploy. In response to this need, Echo Barrier designed the HVAC RapidB which can be installed around rooftop equipment in three steps. The system comprises of a number of the company’s Echo Barrier products which are secured to a patented marine grade aluminum frame that is hard wearing, durable, and can withstand prolonged exposure to weather and corrosion.

The HVAC RapidB creates the required acoustic barrier geometry specifically around this type of noise pollution. It is the first ‘quick deploy’ noise mitigation system on the market, reducing installation, surveying and engineering costs. The lightweight set of modular components that make up the HVAC RapidB can installed by a few fitters in a matter of days. For ease of installation, the system can be transported to a rooftop in an elevator or by stairs, eliminating the need for cranes.