Technology Seen As Tool To Productivity Improvements

Most desired 2015 workplace perks are team collaboration apps and flexible work programs.
Most desired 2015 workplace perks are team collaboration apps and flexible work programs.

Workers Want Promotions, Work-Life Balance, New Tech In 2015

Technology Seen As Tool To Productivity Improvements

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As 2015 approaches, workers are making annual New Year’s resolutions to advance their careers, boost productivity, and work smarter—not harder. A new survey by PGi, a provider of collaboration software and services, indicates that U.S. knowledge workers believe many of their personal resolutions will be driven by business technology, including new communications tools (59%), Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) security (37%), and apps that automate old-school tasks (36%).

PGi’s 2015 Workplace Resolutions Survey revealed workers’ top five goals for the New Year:

  • Earn a raise or promotion (22.6%)
  • Establish a better work-life balance (18.2%)
  • Implement better technology (16.9%)
  • Become more organized (16.7%)
  • Pursue continuing education (12.1%)

Workers also reported their most-wanted tools and technology for 2015, with tablet computers taking top billing (23.7%), followed by project management tools (15.1%), productivity apps (14.5%), analytics software (11.9%), and team collaboration workspaces (11.1%). Team collaboration workspaces ranked first for the communications tool workers want more of in 2015.

“PGi’s latest survey reveals that 2015 is going to be another year of high expectations for workers,” said Sean O’Brien, PGi EVP of strategy and communications. “Workers are increasingly looking to their employers for technologies and apps that help them achieve their personal and professional resolutions and goals—for example, better access to software that fosters virtual collaboration—while reducing reliance on e-mail and in-person meetings. We at PGi know that collaboration is a must-have for businesses and workers alike, facilitating growth for companies and helping employees achieve their career goals and a healthier work-life balance.”

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