Question Of The Week: How Accurate Are Data Center Tier Ratings?

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

This week’s question comes from the Facilities Management Group on LinkedIn.

key performance indicators

I realize this topic can get very in-depth and technical, but I am skeptical of how the industry rates data centers. There are too many executives that are told they have a highly rated data center event though they have significant gaps at critical junctures. Even a well designed upper tier rated data center requires a spot on preventive maintenance (PM) program to maintain its rating.

I am a firm believer in using good equipment coupled with a quality installation, then putting a solid PM program in place. However, over building is something every IT Director will do/support…then the follow-up just falls apart. This can cause significant risk in a short period of time.

Tier II and solid maintenance are, in my opinion, the best risk averse approach, even for mission critical systems (which is the case with almost every data center these days). Anybody agree/disagree?

Mark Jensen
VP Facilities Executive
Madison, WI

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