New Product Flash: 3000 Series Door From DBCI

Rollup door manufacturer DBCI has introduced its new 3000 Series door, developed for moderate to high wind loads. While testing to ASTME-350 and ANSI/DASMA 108, the 12’x7′ model met or surpassed design pressures of +28.0/-32.0, making it an ideal fit for most wind load requirements, including many coastal regions. The 3000 Series is wind rated up to 16′ wide; the pressure rating increases as the door width decreases.FE-NPFlogo

Constructed of 26-gauge galvanized, Grade E hard steel, the doors feature a maximum opening size of 16’x16′. They feature deep-ribbed corrugation with three-rivet windlock attachment.

Ease of installation is also notable for facility professionals. The 3000 Series features a more forgiving 80° wind lock profile that makes for faster installation into the guides.

dbci_3000_doorThe 3000 Series is distinct in DBCI’s product line as the only series manufactured exclusively as a Curl-Lok door. Bray Allen, research and development manager for DBCI, commented on how the 3000 Series fits into the company’s current product line: “It is a natural progression. You can expect the same quality because we kept new component items to a minimum; we can manufacture it at all of our locations to distribute efficiently throughout North America.”

For severe wind loads, DBCI manufactures its 5000 Series, which is wind certified up to 18′.