Facility Management Profession Celebrates World FM Day

The theme for the facility management event this year, which will be observed on June 10, 2015, is "Building Resilience for the Future."

The theme for the facility management event this year, which will be observed on June 10, 2015, is "Building Resilience for the Future."

Global FM Announces World FM Day 2015 To Celebrate Facility Management

Facility Management Profession Celebrates World FM Day

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Posted by Heidi Schwartz

Global FM has announced Wednesday, June 10, 2015 as the date for the seventh annual World FM Day. World FM Day is a day of worldwide celebration of facility management (FM), where FM professionals, teams, companies, and representative bodies take part and highlight the important role of FM. The focus for 2015 is “Building Resilience for the Future.”

“Around the world we face a variety of challenges—whether that’s political upheaval, energy crises, extreme weather, or challenging economic conditions—and it’s great facilities management that can help us get through these challenging situations and mitigate the risk to businesses and the general public,” said Duncan Waddell, chairman of Global FM. “This year’s theme will help to reinforce and remind the business community, governments, and the general public that FM professionals play a key role in building resilience and achieve this in a number of ways. We plan to demonstrate this through a series of events which will take place in our member countries.” 

Under the “Building Resilience for the Future” theme, World FM Day events will cover aspects such as:

  • Risk and Business Continuity – FM is a key component to building resilience in business both in prevention and in the continuity plans to keep operations running or getting them back up swiftly;
  • Sustainability – with the challenges and targets surrounding climate change how we manage our buildings and FM infrastructure; and
  • Energy Management – with projected energy cuts in many countries and fluctuating energy prices the way in which we manage our energy consumption is swiftly rising up the agenda for businesses, governments and society.

Waddell continued: “Between now and June 10, our members will start to build on a World FM Day calendar of events. It is hoped that these activities will show the value of facilities management in keeping business operations running in all situations. They will also show how the profession is able to adapt to an evolving business landscape addressing emerging new trends within the sustainability and energy management agendas.”

Events celebrating World FM Day will take place over the week of June 8 to 10, 2015. Updates of these activities will be published on Twitter @WorldFMDay #WorldFMDay via the Global FM website, and the World FM Day page on Facebook.

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