Office Lighting Simplified With Integrated Controls

This is the first in a series of Commercial Office Solutions Sets.
This is the first in a series of Commercial Office Solutions Sets.

New Product Flash: Commercial Office Solutions from Acuity Brands

Office Lighting Simplified With Integrated Controls

Acuity Brands, Inc. has introduced its Private Office Solution for lighting, the first in a series of Commercial Office Solutions Sets from the company. This integrated lighting and controls solution for private office applications combines the Acuity Brands FS series of recessed LED Luminaires featuring eldoLED technology, with its nLight control technology from Acuity Controls. Also part of the set are ceiling mounted occupancy sensors, and push-button WallPod.field-service-management

“Our Commercial Office Solution Set speaks to the need for advanced networking and control capability, combined with an economical yet high-quality luminaire. We want to be cost efficient while still providing energy savings, quality illumination and modern aesthetics.” said Tim O’Brien, vice president, product marketing at Acuity Brands Lighting.

acuity-lightingThe Set is a “one stop shop” for a back-to-front lighting system for a private office or similar configuration that includes controls to meet the level of sophistication the job dictates. Coming from one manufacturing source helps the system to be accurate, complete, and aligned with the specific needs of an application. It helps simplify a lighting controls project by providing interoperability of all the key elements. The solutions approach allows facility professionals to select the control technology, desired light levels, qualified energy savings, and personal visual comfort level that is right for the space while helping to meet code and budget requirements.

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