New Product Flash: EclipseGF ESD Flooring By Staticworx

New Product Flash: EclipseGF ESD Flooring By Staticworx | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
Applicable for clean rooms and the like, this flooring product features zero-vapor, self-adhesive backing designed to facilitate immediate traffic.

New Product Flash: EclipseGF ESD Flooring By Staticworx


New Product Flash: EclipseGF ESD Flooring By Staticworx

Staticworx, a Massachusetts based provider of ESD flooring (electrostatic discharge) products, recently introduced EclipseGF (Glue-Free)— the next generation of the company’s EclipseRubber flooring. The new product features a pre-applied, zero-vapor, self-adhesive backing designed to facilitate immediate traffic. It is appropriate for multiple environments and is particularly targeted for clean rooms, electronics manufacturing, and 24/7 spaces, where shutdowns associated with glue-down installation times are not a viable option.

EclipseGF follows the 2010 launch of EclipseEC rubber, a fault-tolerant, static-control flooring solution. The original version of EclipseRubber, EclipseEC, has been Staticworx’s flagship rubber product.

three color choices for Eclipse GF ESD flooring
Eclipse GF from Staticworx is available in three colors (from l to r): Presto, Largo, and Cantata

The new EclipseGF has the same attributes as EclipseEC while offering glue-free installation and moisture-resistance. These attributes are focused on preventing problems with high humidity concrete and meeting the need for fast-track construction. This iteration of the Eclipse is designed to eliminate the need for vapor testing and moisture mitigation. Both versions of the EclipseRubber line are static-free, fault-tolerant, free of footwear restrictions, and GREENGUARD Certified. These contain no plasticizers, PVC, phthalates, halogens, and do not require chemicals or waxes for cleaning.

Before launching EclipseGF, Staticworx examined vinyl interlocking flooring as a possible alternative. Dave Long, company president, said, “We engaged several third-party labs to measure static generation on people walking on conductive, grounded, interlocking flooring with ordinary footwear. All testing confirmed that interlocking flooring offers no static-control value unless it is used in conjunction with special static-control footwear and grounding straps. The use of controlling footwear in data centers and 24/7 critical environments is unrealistic, so we abandoned the concept. The other problem we discovered with interlocking flooring was that it actually takes twice as long to install a snap-together than to install a product like EclipseGF.”

EclipseRubber meets domestic and international industry standards, including NFPA 99 (healthcare), BS EN 61340-5-1, ANSI/ESD S20/20, ANSI/ESD S7.1, ANSI/ESD 97.2 (body voltage generation), DOD 4145.26-M (munitions handling), and NASA-grade, clean-room requirements.

EclipseEC won the Seal of Approval from ESD Journal as the only product suitable for Class-0 ESD applications, and it was recognized by MIT Laboratories as the only product that inhibits static generation regardless of footwear.

EclipseGF comes in three colors, can be seam welded, and is available in 40′ rolls.

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