Question of the Week: What Mistakes Are Made During Workplace Violence Training?

workplace-violenceWhat are some common mistakes made when providing training on workplace violence?

“When it comes to workplace violence training, a lot of organizations are ‘doing the right thing the wrong way,’” Jay Hart, director of Force Training Institute tells “Three of the most common mistakes are (1) failing to realize that workplace violence training is an emotional issue; (2) implementing a workplace violence program without conducting a training needs assessment; and (3) implementing a training program that mirrors law enforcement training and does not take into account the nuances of the private sector employee.”

Credit: David De Lossy

So, how can you avoid those mistakes at your facility? “Just the words ‘workplace violence’ or ‘active shooter’ can frighten people and turn off their willingness to be open to your training program,” Hart says.

“Shifting the focus away from the single issue of ‘workplace violence’ or ‘active shooter’ to a wider perspective of ‘workplace safety’ is something everyone in your organization can get behind and support. After all, everyone wants their workplace to be a safe place.”

“Your company’s workplace violence training program should seamlessly integrate into your organization’s culture, which will help ensure the concepts are well-received and retained by your employees,” he explains.

Hart recommends providing training on workplace violence at least annually and making supporting materials available to employees year-round. To read the rest of his suggestions, click here.

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