California Businesses Switching To Artificial Grass

After more than four years of unrelenting drought, water rate hikes and usage restrictions are forcing businesses across California to rethink their landscaping, as perfectly manicured lawns are becoming exceedingly harder to justify. Laguna Turf, an artificial grass installation company based in Orange County, has seen unprecedented growth over the past year.

Businesses Across California Switching To Artificial Grass
Artificial grass installation done by Laguna Turf. (Source: PRNewsFoto/ Synthetic Grass Warehouse, Inc.)

“Our workload has more than doubled in 2015, and much of this demand is coming from businesses,” said Enrique Tuccio, owner of Laguna Turf. “They’re finally starting to see just how costly and wasteful their natural grass landscaping can be.”

One of Tuccio’s latest projects was Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, a job that consisted of converting over 17,000 square feet of natural grass into Diamond Light Fescue, an artificial grass line from Synthetic Grass Warehouse. “This was actually the second phase of the project,” Tuccio explained. “We installed another 17,000 square feet for them just a couple years ago, so they’ve removed around 35,000 square feet of natural grass so far.”

The impact on water consumption for the project is significant: With live grass consuming about 55 gallons per square foot annually, Sony Pictures’ decision to go with artificial grass will save almost 2 million gallons of water per year.