New Service Spotlight: Data Center Design From Venyu

Venyu, a provider of business continuity, cloud-based virtualization, and battle-tested data recovery services, recently introduced its new data center design and build services. The new offering focuses on small to mid-sized rural center design

This service is targeted at education, finance, healthcare, legal, and other smaller companies within under-serviced rural areas that desire to keep their information locally hosted, but also need the data scalability, on-demand processing, cybersecurity, and disaster recovery benefits of cloud services.

The new data center services include:

  • expertise in design & build for facility security and optimal power and cooling;
  • IT infrastructure consultation for best-fit data services with the scalability to meet future needs; and
  • business planning to ensure budget adherence and new data service marketing.

“Venyu’s new data center design and build services portfolio is predicated on our continued, successful data center design track record. We understand the design footprints and maximize budgets,” said Josh Descant, President, Venyu. “We are proud to bring these important data services to rural community business owners who want to maintain 100 percent control of their information and still leverage Fortune 500 type cloud services.”