Enhanced Roll Up Doors From Rytec Corp.

Rytec Corporation has introduced new tinted windows with LEXAN sheets for its Spiral® FV® doors. These high-speed, roll up doors incorporate a spiral track and modern appearance, with opening speeds up to 100″ per second to facilitate vehicles to enter and exit quickly. The high-speed closing action controls access and enhances security while reducing energy costs by maintaining temperatures in conditioned spaces.roll up doors

Rytec had previously incorporated LEXAN sheets with MARGARD coating as standard for its clear windows in Spiral FV doors. More durable than conventional polycarbonate or acrylic, these windows with coated LEXAN sheets are UV-light and graffiti-resistant. LEXAN sheets are supplied by the Polymershapes distribution business of SABIC’s Innovative Plastics.

With the addition of bronze and gray tinted LEXAN sheets in Spiral FV doors, door appearance remains sleek and clean, while reducing interior solar heat to maintain comfortable interior temperatures. Like the standard clear panels, the new optional tinted panels feature a 7-year limited warranty.

Architects and builders of automobile dealerships, parking garages, and other secured buildings are rapidly adopting high-speed doors to improve energy efficiency and enhance the flow of traffic.