TEC™ In-Floor Heat by H.B. Fuller Construction Products

Hotels and resorts can now offer their guests a luxurious, spa-like experience – in their own rooms. The new TEC™ In-Floor Heat combines warmth and comfort to ensure guests feel cared for during every aspect of their stay. Unlike other floor warming systems available, it is customizable on-site to fit any space, making it perfect for multi-unit spaces.

in-floor heatTEC™ In-Floor Heat features infrared heat technology that provides uniform warmth underneath tile and stone floors. Because it is embedded in mortar under the floor’s surface, it is placed before tile or stone installation begins. At just 1/64” thin, it is thinner than alternatives on the market and will not change the floor’s height. Its slim size means smoother transitions between rooms and less likelihood of the floor interfering with existing fixtures.

By opting for TEC™ In-Floor Heat, hotels show that they prioritize their guests’ comfort. The floor’s temperature is easily controlled by a TEC™ Touch-Screen Thermostat or TEC™ Programmable Thermostat, to ensure it matches users’ preferences.

Not only does TEC™ In-Floor Heat create optimal comfort, it’s built for optimal safety. It meets the highest UL Safety Standards and conforms to International Electromagnetic Field Safety Standard IEC / EN 62233, so building owners and guests can have peace of mind.

in-floor heatTEC™ In-Floor Heat is designed for efficient installations. A general contractor or tile installer can purchase it from a distributor and then customize it to each room on site. It requires no special ordering and expedites installations. Contractors should use TEC® tools and a TEC® polymer modified mortar, like TEC® Super Flex™, to install the product. Then, tile or stone can be installed directly on top of the heat mat. A licensed electrician must hook up and connect the thermostat to the in-floor heating system.

“The TEC™ In-Floor Heat customizable mat is the easiest and quickest heat system I’ve ever seen,” said JJ Sabenorio of 1DayRemodeling in Castro Valley, CA.

When installed with TEC® HydraFlex™ Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Membrane, Super Flex™ Mortar and TEC® grout, TEC™ In-Floor Heat has a limited lifetime warranty.