Lunetta Offers Glowing Aesthetics For Exterior Lighting

This new LED luminaire features the aesthetics of a glowing light stick.
This new LED luminaire features the aesthetics of a glowing light stick.

Lunetta Exterior Lighting By Amerlux

Lunetta Offers Glowing Aesthetics For Exterior Lighting

Integrating the utilitarian form factor of a post top lantern with the aesthetics of a glowing light stick, Amerlux introduces Lunetta as a pedestrian-scale exterior luminaire family that self-illuminates a curved funnel shaped top head as well as the pole, creating a glare-free light post of varying heights. The new Lunetta family is designed for exterior lighting at universities, healthcare centers, airports, science/technology facilities, office and government buildings, parks, and sports and entertainment venues.

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(Photo: PRNewsFoto/Amerlux)

Explains Amerlux CEO/President Chuck Campagna, “Inspired by geometry and glare control principles, Lunetta uses a curvilinear three-dimensional form to create a shielding mechanism, resulting in a beautiful lamp post with low-glare, soft Lambertian illumination.”

The luminaire’s top cap is equipped with recessed high-performance LEDs aimed downward, grazing the top and pole with a gradating lighting effect. The light distribution at ground level delivers a soft, moonlight-comparable glow. The luminaire family accommodates mounting heights from 16″ to 24′. The product’s associated uplight contribution is stated to be minimal.

“Before Lunetta, exterior public pathway lighting existed in two form factors — a lantern atop a pole with a sharply contrasting bright head and dark pole or a glowing stick that cannot achieve significant performance criteria,” continued Campagna. “Lunetta embodies the best of both designs, creating a sophisticated seamless visual effect with high performance and substantial lumen output.”

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