Russelectric Training Simulators From Russelectric

Russelectric Training Simulators allow operations and maintenance personnel to train on the automatic (and manual) operation of Russelectric Power Control Systems in the safety and comfort of an office environment.

Russelectric Training SimulatorsDesigned and programmed to mimic the actual operation and performance of the customer’s Russelectric switchgear/system, Russelectric Simulators help personnel familiarize themselves with the system and its operation; accurately diagnose a wide range of utility, generator, and breaker problems; and assess the impact of changes to programmable logic controller (PLC) setpoints such as kW values and time delays by seeing how the system responds. By allowing personnel to run an almost limitless number of failure scenarios, Russelectric Training Simulators are also a powerful tool for developing and validating site operating and emergency procedures without interfering with the operation of the actual system. And any time the switchgear is upgraded, the simulator can also be used to thoroughly test the modified PLC and operator interface panel (OIP) logic before downloading it to the online PLC system, dramatically reducing live system testing time.

The Russelectric Training Simulators are available in two versions:

  • Training Simulator: For training personnel on the automatic operation of Russelectric switchgear.
  • Advanced Training Simulator: For training personnel on both the automatic and manual operation of the switchgear.

Simulators consist of a personal computer, an industrial-grade PLC, and two or three touch screen monitors. The personal computer serves as the Simulator’s control interface, allowing the input of variables, the selection of views, and the choice of simulation scenarios. The PLC mimics the design and operation of the customer’s Russelectric power control system, running the same programs as the system switchgear PLC and responding in the exact same manner. Two 24” color touchscreen monitors display the switchgear OIP and the simulation controls.

With the Advanced Training Simulator, a third touch screen displays the animated elevation (front view) of the Russelectric switchgear for simulated manual operation. In lieu of three touch screens, an optional 4k ultra high-resolution monitor can be configured in four quadrants to display the duplicated OIP, simulation controls, switchgear lineup elevation, and switchgear door details.

A video on Russelectric Switchgear Simulators is available here.