Wireless Coverage Solution for Elevators by Zinwave

Zinwave, a global provider of wideband distributed network solutions for in-building wireless, will showcase its new wireless coverage solution for elevators at the World Elevator and Escalator Expo in Guangzhou, China on May 10-13, 2016. In booth 6E26, Zinwave will demonstrate how its small, fiber-fed remote amplifier units can eliminate the challenges of maintaining consistent cellular and public safety wireless signals inside elevator cars. Already in use at Studio City Macau and planned for deployment at the MGM Resort Macau, Zinwave’s solution delivers the highest cellular performance inside elevators.

wireless in elevatorsIn the past, building owners have tried to achieve wireless coverage in elevators by deploying distributed antenna systems (DAS) in elevator lobbies or at one end of each elevator shaft, but the elevator cars’ mobility has made it difficult to maintain a consistent signal, leading to dropped calls and frustrated users. Zinwave’s on-car remote amplifiers ensure a strong and consistent cellular and public safety wireless service inside the car no matter where it moves.

“Cellular users and first responders need to have their mobile devices connect everywhere, even inside moving elevators,” said John Spindler, vice president of marketing at Zinwave. “While most other DAS platforms use large, heavy remote amplifier units that preclude their use on the tops of elevator cars, Zinwave’s thin, light, fiber-fed remote units are a perfect solution.”

Zinwave’s UNItivity platform is the only truly future-proof, universal wireless access solution on the market. UNItivity’s unique wideband architecture breaks the cycle of endless DAS upgrades because it supports any frequency from 150 MHz to 2700 MHz, accommodating current and future wireless services without hardware upgrades. In addition, UNItivity’s streamlined, all-fiber architecture makes it more reliable and much easier to install than traditional DAS solutions.