dBadge2 IS Noise Dosimeter by Casella

The dBadge2™ is a shoulder mounted, cable-free, ANSI/IEC standards compliant noise dosimeter by Casella CEL. An updated version of the original dBadge™, it captures data needed from tests to meet existing, proposed, or hypothetical standards, and downloads to an improved version of Insight™ software for custom tailored report generation and archiving. Users can view noise exposure data from multiple workers remotely from a cellphone or tablet.

noise dosimeterThe wireless noise dosimeter has gained Intrinsic Safety (IS) certification (incapable of igniting an explosion even under fault conditions) for use in industries that operate in highly explosive environments, including the oil and gas and chemical sectors. It is certified for Class I, Zone 0 hazardous locations, where high concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, or dusts are present continuously or for long periods of time under normal operating conditions.

Equipped with Bluetooth®4.0 connectivity and the Casella Airwave™ App, the dBadge2 lets users wirelessly control multiple dBadge2 units from distances 100′ or more away—even without a clear line of sight between devices. Users can see instrument status and overall exposure metrics, including averages, max, and peak, and start, stop, and pause a test repeatedly and remotely. They can then transmit real-time noise exposure data via their IS approved mobile devices directly to other interested stakeholders such as plant managers, supervisors, and HR staff, thus enhancing productivity while lowering risk. The dBadge2 provides the detail needed to measure hazardous location noise environments and prescribe best practice solutions for preservation of hearing health, all without interrupting the employee or overall workflow.

Just like the original dBadge, all dBadge2 models have two-button operation and one-touch calibration features. However, the case itself is more robust and better sealed against the elements; the display screen is larger and has a brilliant color OLED display with large font for distance viewing; and the improved windscreen design is less susceptible to inadvertent damage thanks to a larger grip ring and simpler attachment method. The attachment clips have also been improved to grip more tightly on clothing types in a way that limits stress to the clip itself, extending its useful life.

dBadge2 dosimeters come in basic, Plus, and Pro models. Each is available as a kit with the dosimeter along with the necessary accessories for daily calibration and use. Kits can be configured to have from a single dosimeter up to 12 dosimeters plus a docking station/battery charger and cable, acoustic calibrator, software, and carrying case.

The dBadge2 features H-M-L (C-A), programmable delay timer, fixed run timer, time history, and a motion sensor that can determine if the device was being worn throughout the entire work shift. The Plus and Pro models also provide audio event recording and voice notes, while the Pro model has octave band frequency analysis which is useful for implementing engineering controls and in the selection of proper hearing protection.

The dBadge2 noise dosimeter weighs 4 ounces, measures 3.3″ L x 2.1″ W x 2.1″ H, and has an ambient temperature range of -20°F to 113°F.