Stellar Modular Carpet Collection From Invision

J+J Flooring Group’s lead brand, Invision, explores the natural beauty of the desert landscape through its newest 24” x 24” modular carpet collection, Stellar.

modular carpetThe vast canvas of the Death Valley desert, carved by wind, water and time, where the light of day gives way to a night full of stars, is the inspiration for this beautifully organic collection and its four products: Time Lapse, Terra Firma, Milky Way, and Dune. This grouping of textural patterns — featuring an array of rich, tonal colors — is as beautiful and unique as each desert encounter.

All four products are available in a range of 13 colorways and can be effortlessly coordinated with one another to create wholly distinctive designs. To achieve the incomparable colors, patterns, and forms of Death Valley’s daytime landscapes and nighttime lightscapes, each Stellar product is solution dyed with a high luster yarn.

Time Lapse elegantly reflects the vastness and serenity of millions of stars formed against the Death Valley night sky. The subtle, circular migration of stars in celestial movement begins to take shape as 24” x 24” tiles are paired together and the beauty of the organic motion appears.

From the exposed desert landscape carved by wind, water and time comes the inspiration for Terra Firma. This design, created to emulate the natural beauty of cracked earth, forms a balanced interpretation of the etched landscape with the use of sophisticated texture and patterning that effortlessly traverse throughout the 24” x 24” tiles.

The Milky Way pattern captures the beauty of multiple layers of stars throughout the deep night sky. The concentration of light comes and goes across the horizon as does the different tones and colors that glide through the 24” x 24” tiles of this organic pattern.

Dune explores the shadow rippled mounds and graceful curves of the Death Valley desert. The smooth motion of the pattern creates a soft aesthetic with intriguing depth.

Gracefully and universally designed for a myriad of end-use applications, each Stellar product is made with 100 percent J+J solution dyed nylon, ensuring it will withstand high traffic use while maintaining its beautiful aesthetic. For increased flexibility, Time Lapse, Milky Way and Terra Firma can be installed using J+J’s TileTabs carpet connectors for quick installation and replacement.

All Stellar products feature lifetime performance warranties for fiber, backings and adhesives.

Milky Way, Time Lapse and Terra Firma will be available summer 2016 and Dune will be available fall 2016.