Markers for dusty, wet, or oily surfaces

Inkzall Jobsite Markers are fast drying writing tools for dusty, wet, oily, or rough surfaces.
Inkzall Jobsite Markers are fast drying writing tools for dusty, wet, oily, or rough surfaces.

Inkzall Jobsite Markers by Milwaukee Tool

Markers for dusty, wet, or oily surfaces

Inkzall® Jobsite Markers by Milwaukee Tool are writing tools designed for job site use. The line includes fine and medium point permanent markers, as well as a stylus/marker combination tool for use with gloves on touch devices such as iPads and iPhones.markers

Complete with a built-in hard hat clip for easy storage and access, Inkzall Jobsite Markers feature clog resistant tips and can write through dusty, wet, or oily surfaces. The durable tips hold up to use on rough surfaces such as OSB, cinderblock, and concrete. In addition, the proprietary ink has a fast drying time to reduce smearing and has an extended cap-off life up to 72 hours without drying out. Many Inkzall solutions feature lanyard holes and an anti-roll body design that prevents rolling around on work surfaces.

markersInkzall Liquid Paint Markers are suitable for darker job site surfaces, such as black pipe and structural steel. The durable acrylic nibs can write on dirty, hot (up to 300°F), and rough surfaces. In addition, the paint creates water and UV resistant long lasting marks with a 10 second drying time. A textured barrel makes the markers easy to use when wearing gloves. They come in a one pack of white or yellow; in 12 packs of white, yellow, black, red, green, blue, or orange; measure 6.09″ L x .79″ W x .93″ H; and weigh .06 or .07 pounds.

Inkzall Fine Point Markers are available in black, red, blue, or green and in various packaging combinations. They are 7.13″ long and weigh .03 pounds. Metallic Fine Point Markers are designed for dark surfaces and come in two packs of Silver, Gold, or Silver/Gold. They measure 5.16″ L x .54″ W x .56″ H and weigh .04 pounds.

Inkzall Ultra Fine Point Markers have an ultra fine tip and Ultra Fine Point Pens deliver sharp, precise lines with bleed and smear resistant ink for use on paper and labels. The Inkzall Chisel Tip Marker allows for thicker, bolder lines. It is available in a 36 pack, measures 7.13″ long, and weighs .06 pounds. A Medium Chisel Tip is also offered. It measures 5.6″ long and weighs .04 pounds.

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