door controller for automatic door applications

The CX-33 is an advanced logic door controller with a new “Lock Down” operating mode.
The CX-33 is an advanced logic door controller with a new “Lock Down” operating mode.

CX-33 Door Controller by Camden

door controller for automatic door applications

Camden Door Controls has enhanced its CX-33 advanced logic door controller with the addition of a built-in “Lock Down” operating mode. The controller is designed for universal operation in automatic door applications and is pre-programmed for interconnection with access control, fire alarm, and telephone entry systems.

door controllerThis new lock down feature will enable a designated (N/O) momentary emergency lock down switch, or switches, to disable automatic door activation switches while also locking electric strikes or magnetic locks. This prevents entry to a building, area, or room under intruder conditions. Lock down mode is reset with a separate (N/C) momentary push button or key switch. The CX-33 is also equipped with an additional output that can be used to energize a lock-down status LED indicator.

Small enough to fit inside most door operator cases, the CX-33 provides a large three segment LED and supports illuminated signage in restroom applications. This state-of-the-art door controller has a range of exclusive operating features. These include time duration in airlock applications and protection of automatic door operators when utilizing magnetic locks.

The CX-33 features 14 different operating modes, with sub-modes and adjustable timers on each relay. It also has five inputs, including a wet input, for more flexibility. Users can sequence from multiple points, and maintain and hold different outputs. Three buttons for mode selection offer easier programming with power circuitry that ensures filtering and surge protection.

Larger terminal strips allow larger wire gauge, or more conductors to be connected. A clear plastic case provides better protection of the circuit board and easier mounting.

* Fire/building codes may dictate that this mode NOT be used to secure doors without also installing mechanical egress devices (crash bars) and/or a “request-to-exit” push button on the unsecured side of the door, as building occupants must be able to exit a building in the event of a fire at all times.

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