Outdoor lighting for perimeters, floodlights, and landscapes.

The Litepak LNC4 and LED Colt are outdoor lighting solutions.

The Litepak LNC4 and LED Colt are outdoor lighting solutions.

LNC4 & LED Colt by Hubbell Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting for perimeters, floodlights, and landscapes.

The Litepak LNC4 and LED Colt are outdoor lighting solutions from Hubbell Lighting. The LNC4 is a zero uplight compact LED architectural wallpack and the LED Colt is a versatile floodlight.

outdoor lightingThe Litepak LNC4 is the largest and highest output wallpack in the Litepak series. It is capable of replacing up to 400 watt HID luminaires. The LNC4 is designed for new construction and retrofits in outdoor lighting applications such as perimeter illumination at schools, factories, hospitals, and warehouses. Typical mounting height is up to 25′ with 75′ to 125′ of fixture spacing without the frosted acrylic diffuser, and 60′ to 100′ spacing with the frosted acrylic diffuser installed.

Available in a variety of models, each LNC4 has 36 or 44 LEDs, a current drive of 650mA or 1150mA, and a CRI of 70. Models with a 3000K CCT have a lumen range from 6,723 to 13,400 and 75.2 lm/W to 90 lm/W; 4000K versions have a lumen range from 7,404 to 14,521 and lm/W from 82.8 to 96.9; and 5000K models range from 7,590 to 14,793 lumens with 81.9 lm/W to 98.7 lm/W. System watts range from 80 to 170.

The Litepak LNC4 has an integral battery backup and is wet listed, damp listed, IDA compliant, DesignLights Consortium (DLC) qualified (4000K and 5000K models only), and CSA certified.

outdoor lightingThe LED Colt is an energy-efficient small area floodlighting solution. It features three distributions in one product with narrow (3×3), medium (4×4), and wide (6×6) beam spread options. The LED Colt replaces 100 watt HID or 84 watt CFL luminaires. Its performance is suitable for floodlighting, accent, landscape, facade, or small area illumination.

The LED Colt offers 3000K or 4000K color temperatures; a lumen range from 1,802 to 1,979; 86 lm/W to 94 lm/W; and 120V to 277V operation. The fixture is constructed of a die-cast aluminum dark bronze housing with heat dissipating fins on the side. It also provides traditional ½” x 14 NPS threaded adjustable knuckle mounting, adjustable swivel for easy aiming in five degree increments, and a rotatable hood for adjustable glare control. A trunnion mount accessory kit available as is a color/tinted (red, blue, yellow, green, pink/purple) lens kit accessory.

The LED Colt is IP65 listed and certified to UL 1598 for use in wet locations It is also CSA certified and DLC qualified.

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