Calpipe Security Bollards Protect Times Square

Over 200 stainless bollards installed to secure New York City's Times Square, one of the most popular pedestrian areas on the planet.

Calpipe Security Bollards (CSB), a division of Calpipe Industries, Inc. was contacted by The City of New York to design and manufacture a number of crash-engineered stainless steel bollards to be installed throughout Times Square, the most pedestrian heavy region in the world.

Times Square CalpipeCSB’s team of design specialists developed a removable bollard system to accommodate the stringent specifications required by more than a dozen local, state, and national agencies. This installation is part of an ongoing project carried out by New York City in an effort to reduce pedestrian injuries and prevent unintentional and/or terrorist vehicle incursions. The scheduled completion date is November 1, 2016.

“This project really demonstrates our ability to carry out high quality, custom solutions for the most demanding applications,” noted Carlos Gonzalez, CSB manager. “These bollards provide security and safety to thousands of pedestrians every day and have been engineered to withstand weather, vandalism, and vehicle impacts.”

More than 200 internal locking removable bollards and their custom embedment sleeves were installed. The bollards were engineered with a custom locking mechanism exclusive to this project that can be operated by multiple agencies while meeting all official City of New York standards.