Build And Sustain A Successful Ergonomics Process

ergonomicsThe newly available e-book, Four Steps to Deploying Your Ergonomics Process, is the fourth in a five-part series of e-books about the steps required to build and sustain a successful ergonomics process. These steps make up Humantech’s Engagement Model—a framework for companies to follow when starting, improving, or reinvigorating a workplace ergonomics process.

Certified professional ergonomists Walt Rostykus and Winnie Ip explain step four in the model, Deployment. This e-book will help you answer such questions as:

  • What skills do we train our people on?
  • Which risk assessment tools should we use?
  • What are the steps in a job improvement process?

Following four basic steps during the deployment phase will help ensure a successful ergonomics process. The first step, preparing people for success, means ensuring that the people involved understand all aspects of the ergonomic improvement process, understand the common goal and tracking measures established, know their role and the actions expected of them, are familiar with the roles of other support people, are able to perform their activities correctly and consistently, and have the time available to perform these activities.

The previous three e-books in the series provided best practices for preparing (Gaps & Fit), designing (Foundation), and getting commitment for an ergonomic improvement process (Leadership). Deployment addresses the doing phase, the phase in which your ergonomic improvement process is launched and begins to find, fix, check, and sustain the reduction of musculoskeletal disorder (MSDs). The latest e-book and the others in the series are available for download from Humantech’s website.