BluPrint App From Staples Business Advantage

New app helps customers better visualize what facility enhancements can do for their workplace, while helping them save money, and increase efficiency and productivity.

Staples Business Advantage’s new BluPrint app and virtual experience helps customers better visualize what facility enhancements can do for their workplace, while also helping them save money, increase efficiency, and be more productive.

BluPrintThe web-based application showcases before-and-after comparisons of how the customer’s space is currently being used and the potential benefits they will gain by implementing suggested changes – like switching from folded paper towels to touchless dispensers.

“With the use of BluPrint, our sales team is able to walk our customers through easy site assessments and build stronger, more competitive facility plans,” said Chris Correnti, vice president and general manager, Staples Business Advantage. “We’ve armed our sales force with technology and tools like BluPrint to help them tailor a solution for our customers’ needs, whether that’s a desire to cut paper waste and become more eco-friendly, or decrease costs across the board.”

A recent Deloitte and OnResearch survey of 500 mid-market executives highlighted the use of immersive experiences through interactive technology to improve employee and customer interactions. Specifically, 42 percent of companies are using virtual demos or interactive tools to help improve employee and customer interactions with their products and services.

BluPrint helps Staples Business Advantage sales associates identify areas for improvement and recommend the best possible solutions to solve customer workplace issues. By applying new techniques and investigating new products, Staples Business Advantage will help facility managers save time so they can focus on business-critical tasks, like keeping buildings well maintained.

In fact, according to the Staples Business Advantage Workplace Index, 92 percent of facility managers report they work more than 40 hours per week at least some of the time. Saving time is a key driver to their happiness in the workplace, and BluPrint aims to help make that possible.

“Traditional site assessments can feel impersonal and leave customers feeling unsure about next steps to take in order to make their workplace more efficient,” continued Correnti. “BluPrint changes this standard by encouraging a more interactive site assessment, creating a visual set of suggestions for customers and providing clear direction on how to turn suggestions into a reality.”

To learn more or to schedule a site assessment, visit the BluPrint website.