CBRE Adds Building Envelope Services

This new division within the firm's Valuation and Advisory Services group focuses on providing building envelope assessment and consulting.

CBRE Assessment & Consulting Services (ACS), a division of the Valuation and Advisory Services group at CBRE, has announced the development of a new group capable of performing assessment and providing consulting services for Building Envelopes. CBRE Valuation & Advisory Services has a dedicated NAV team that allows them to streamline the NAV valuation process. This team provides appraisal, property condition, market studies, feasibilities, underwriting due-diligence, environmental, zoning and telecommunication consulting services to a broad base of local, regional and global clients.building envelope

With the advent of the Building Envelope group, the Assessment and Consulting Services (ACS) Group can now offer assessment and consulting services for Building Envelopes. The CBRE staff members are trained to perform a variety of specialized tests to evaluate systems, identify issues, and provide cost effective solutions. In addition, the staff can currently provide air infiltration and water penetration tests, leak investigations and roof moisture surveys, roof and façade asset management maintenance and capital planning, and on-site inspection of repairs and/or installations.

Michael Bock, RBEC, has been tapped as a director to manage the Building Envelope Group in Kansas City, MO. Meanwhile, Logan Christensen joined the CBRE staff with a focus on adding services and assisting with the development and training of the Building Envelope Team.

Bock is a Registered Building Envelope Consultant (RCI) and a Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CSI). He joins CBRE after spending 18 years in leadership and national development positions in the roofing and waterproofing industry. His areas of expertise include performance of building envelope and roof assessments, specialty testing, litigation support, moisture surveys, design, construction oversight and contract administration. Bock is also a certified industrial rope access technician and has supervised completion of exterior assessment of high-rise office buildings, domes, and steep-slope roof with extreme access requirements.

Christensen joins CBRE after spending the last decade in numerous positions within the engineering industry. His work experience includes performing building envelope and roof assessments, and providing engineering and CAD support in the remediation, re-purposing and alteration of existing office, retail and industrial building facilities, among other things. He also has expertise with respect to performing roof and building envelope infrared observations and test cut exploration. Christensen has also overseen building envelope construction of large institutional and resort properties, in which he performed water and air infiltration tests.