Sheltered Bike Parking in Various Capacities and Configurations

The Stratus Shelter is a modular glass and steel bike parking structure.
The Stratus Shelter is a modular glass and steel bike parking structure.

Dero Stratus Shelter for Bike Parking

A modular structure for bike storage

Sheltered Bike Parking in Various Capacities and Configurations

The Stratus Shelter™ from Dero is a glass and steel bike parking structure. It is suitable for two-tiered bike racks in areas such as transit stations, university campuses, and gyms.

bike parkingThe Stratus Shelter has a modular design with numerous configuration options for bicycle storage. It is constructed of American-made galvanized steel, and clear, tempered, laminated glass roof panels. Users can choose single or double-sided roof panels that can be configured flush or in varying angles to create several patterns. Optional glass side panels are also available for additional protection from the elements.

The Stratus Shelter looks delicate and airy but is rated to withstand heavy seismic disruptions. Its height is specifically designed to accommodate two-tiered racks like the Dero Decker and Dero Duplex, or vertical parking systems like the Ultra Space Saver. These space-efficient bike racks maximize a project’s bike parking capacity. All bike rack systems are sold separately.dero-stratus-shelter-2

The Campus Rack is a bike rack for orderly bike parking. It supports the frame of the bike while keeping the fork from twisting. The Campus Rack is available in single or double-sided models in various lengths. The single sided model is suitable for sidewalk placement, while the double-sided model staggers bikes opposite from each other for greater space efficiency. The Campus Rack will also accommodate scooters. When the Campus Rack D9 model is used with the Stratus Shelter, the bike parking structure has a capacity of nine bikes.

The Hoop Rack provides high security and easy two-bike parking using thick pipe construction. The full radius of the bend makes it a functional bike rack that can also be put on rails for mobility. The Stratus Shelter can be used with eight Hoop Racks for a total parking capacity of 16 bikes.

The Dero Decker stacks bikes on a two-tiered system. Unlike other two-tier systems, the lift-assist top trays slide down inches from the ground, thus requiring only minimal lifting of the bike into the tray. The Dero Decker has a front wheel safety locking lever and tray dampers to provide safe lowering of upper trays. The vertical load trays also reduce the required aisle space for a smaller footprint. Used with the Dero Decker, the Stratus Shelter has a 30 bike capacity.

The Dero Duplex doubles the capacity of a bike parking area with secure, efficient, and orderly storage. Its staggered design means that bikes enter and exit without entanglement. Sturdy trays with high sides keep bikes from slipping off while loading or unloading and also make the Duplex compatible with most standard u-locks. The Stratus shelter has a capacity of 30 bikes when used with the Dero Duplex.

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