GoatThroat SCP Pumps for Flammable Liquids

Controlled containment for transfer from one vessel to another

The SCP Pump Series from GoatThroat® Pumps is for class 1 and class 2 flammable liquids. It is designed to minimize hazards associated with transferring flammable or combustible chemicals such as alcohols, solvents, and volatile hydrocarbons.

flammable liquidsThe SCP Pump line meets NFPA30-2015.18.4.4 standards, which outline safeguards to reduce the hazards associated with the storage, handling, and use of combustible and flammable liquids. These small, versatile, hand-operated pressure pumps are engineered to work as a sealed system. The pumps can be used for the safe transfer of over 1400 industrial chemicals, including the most aggressive acids, caustics, and solvents.

Corrosive chemicals can burn skin or flesh. Some chemicals are toxic when touched or inhaled. Cyanotic agents, for instance, can be particularly dangerous or even fatal, since they rob the body of oxygen. Many chemicals are flammable as well and can be ignited by even the smallest spark from nearby motors or other mechanical equipment.

flammable liquids“A sealed, contained system is ideal when dealing with a toxic, flammable, or corrosive liquid,” says Deborah Grubbe, PE, CEng, and founder of Operations and Safety Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in industrial safety. “With sealed devices, like GoatThroat pumps, you can maintain a controlled containment from one vessel to another.”

The SCP Pump Series for flammable liquids essentially functions like a beer tap. The operator attaches the pump, presses the plunger several times to build up a low amount of internal pressure, and then dispenses the liquid. The tap is configured to provide precise control over the fluid delivery, from slow (1ML/1 oz.) up to 4.5 gallons per minute, depending on viscosity.

Because SCP pumps use very low pressure (<6 PSI) to transfer fluids through the line and contain automatic pressure relief valves, they are safe to use with containers and drums from 5 gallons to 55 gallons, and have a cost-effective life expectancy of 10 to 15 years.

Allergy Laboratories Inc., a FDA licensed pharmaceutical manufacturer of biological extracts for the diagnostic testing and therapeutic treatment of allergies, also uses a sealed pump system to transfer acetone from 55 gallon drums to 1 gallon containers for a variety of processes.

According to Charles Cheek, facility manager for Allergy Laboratories, the pharmaceutical chemical delivery process must be very clean and no foreign material can be introduced into the acetone. Because acetone is highly flammable, he was concerned about using an electric pump that could potentially create a spark. As a result, he decided to purchase a pump that had no electrical or moving parts that could create a hazard.

“We’ve found GoatThroat pumps to be a much safer way to transport chemical liquids,” says Cheek, who utilizes a pneumatic adaptor accessory to supply pressure via in-house compressed air. “There is no spillage, splatter, over pouring, leaking, or VOCs because the system is self-contained. There is no spray back and we do not get chemicals on our hands. It is a nice, clean delivery system.”

Besides enhancing safety, Cheek says a sealed system can prevent loss of expensive chemicals like acetone. “I haven’t lost any product due to the pumps. They eliminate evaporation, do not leak or drip, and I can adjust the flow to get the exact amount I need without spilling or overflow.”