Vertical Lift for single person elevation at the push of a button.

The SpinGo is a vertical lift platform for individuals.
The SpinGo is a vertical lift platform for individuals.

Lift-Rite SpinGo Vertical Lift

A lift system that allows operators to move freely and easily between locations and to perform elevated tasks quickly, simply, and securely.

Vertical Lift for single person elevation at the push of a button.

The SpinGo from Lift-Rite® is a lightweight and easily maneuverable vertical lift for personnel. An alternative to push ladders and work platforms, this push-around platform can reach up to 13½’ high in environments where daily activities are performed out of natural reach.

vertical liftThe compact, ergonomic design and tight-turning radius make the SpinGo suitable for congested areas where single man lift is needed. It offers quicker elevation at the touch of a button and the unit automatically brakes when stationary, providing additional stability. The convenience of two separate storage areas, a load deck, and an adjustable cargo shelf, allow an operator to secure two separate loads for transport. In addition, dual swing gates and a low step height (14″) eliminate obstacles at entry.

The SpinGo has an operator capacity of 286 pounds, a 12V power supply, an adjustable load tray capacity of 198 pounds, and a machine gross weight of 728 pounds. It features ground control with operator switch key, button release brakes, emergency lower, easy push/pull, flashers and horn when mast is in motion, a foot switch, and a pedal lever. Secure access helps to prevent unauthorized usage with a required key.

“The versatility of the SpinGo means it can be used in a variety of applications, including light distribution, picking, stock replenishment, as well as cleaning and maintenance environments,” said Shannon Curtis, product manager with Lift-Rite. “By eliminating climbing, and minimizing reaching and lifting, SpinGo provides an ergonomic alternative to ladders, step stools, or podiums commonly used in retail shops, supermarkets, warehouses, offices, libraries, and archives.”

Snap-in-place covers allow for quick accessibility to all components for scheduled maintenance. The three-stage mast features a hydraulic cylinder lift system—no chains, wearable parts, or greasing. Under the covers the electrical system provides a simplistic layout and accessible battery location. The SpinGo vertical lift utilizes a standard 110V wall plug-in to charge the battery for a run-time of up to 11 hours with a single charge.

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