STABIL Grippers Non-Slip Footwear

A cost-effective alternative to full shoe non-slip products

STABIL Grippers™ are non-slip footwear products from STABIL. They employ a proprietary sole compound and tread pattern that dramatically enhances traction in slick or wet environments.non-slip footwear

STABIL Grippers securely affix to the bottom of a user’s footwear through a lightweight Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) that has great strength, stretch, and memory. STABIL Grippers can be pulled on or off any shoe making them a cost-effective alternative to full shoe non-slip products.

non-slip footwearThermo Plastic Elastomer tension fit uppers offer easy on and off for a full range of shoe or boot sizes and styles. The TPE keeps STABIL Grippers snug on the user’s feet while added sole padding delivers greater comfort while helping to reduce leg fatigue.

STABIL Grippers are available in black only or black and yellow and come in small (men’s 4-6, women’s 5-8), medium (men’s 6½ – 8½, women’s 8½ – 10½), large (men’s 9-12, women’s 11 – 13½), and extra large (men’s 12½ – 14½) sizes. Suitable application areas include various indoor environments where water and grease increase the risk of slips and falls—from restaurants to breweries and dairies.

STABIL Grippers can be hand washed in hot, soapy water, or cleaned in the dishwasher. These non-slip footwear products are also transferable among staff.