Yankee Stadium Improvements In Motion

One item slated for completion by the 2017 MLB season is the Bullpen Landings — social gathering areas overlooking the visitors' and Yankees' bullpens.

Hunter Roberts Construction Group (Hunter Roberts) announced today the firm has been contracted to provide structural and interior modifications at Yankee Stadium, including the construction of the new Bullpen Landings. These enhancements will include several new social gathering spaces to improve the guest experience at New York Yankees and New York City Football Club games. Construction is due to be completed prior to the start of the 2017 Major League Baseball season.

Yankee Stadium
Rendering of one of two Bullpen Landings, part of facility improvement at Yankee Stadium

The Bullpen Landings, located on the left and right fields, will be social gathering areas, overlooking the visitors and Yankees bullpens. Both landings will feature their own specialty food and drink options to be enjoyed at custom drink-rails with USB outlets. All obstructed-view seats in the bleachers will be removed.

The scope of work includes deconstructing the bleachers and installing new structural steel and concrete, building scaffold overhead to support temporary roofing and existing utilities while installing the new decks and light fixtures. The project team will need to overcome challenges such as accommodating a short schedule and coordinating around stadium events and unexpected weather conditions.

“Our construction demolition plan and experience with Yankee Stadium and other sports facilities makes Hunter Roberts the ideal choice for this project,” said Hunter Roberts project executive Alex Craig.

In October 2016, the Yankees announced a series of facility improvements planned for Yankee Stadium. These include the work that will be done by Hunter Roberts.


  1. Take out the affordable seats and replace them with restaurants! What a great way to make a baseball stadium more fan friendly. They should take the out the field next and put in a craft brewery.

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