Specifiable Lighting To Meet Precise Application Needs

MODx represents a modernization of MOD slot lighting for an affordably priced, full featured offering with best-in-class attention to detail.

MODx represents a modernization of MOD slot lighting for an affordably priced, full featured offering with best-in-class attention to detail.

Litecontrol Modernizes with MODx Specifiable Lighting

Affordably Priced, Full Featured Lighting With Best-In-Class Attention To Detail

Specifiable Lighting To Meet Precise Application Needs

The MOD™ product line from Litecontrol, a Hubbell Lighting brand, has been modernized and represented as MOD™x. This specifiable lighting delivers a full-family solution to ambient lighting in architectural spaces with Variable Intensity (Vi®) Technology, MacAdam Ellipse Color Variation, and three aperture options.

specifiable lightingThe new MODx’s Vi technology allows specification of LED light output to meet precise needs. First, users choose lumen output based on power density, light levels, and ceiling brightness. They then specify based on the published output range in 50 lumen increments per foot (e.g., 500, 550, 600). Next, Litecontrol designs and manufactures the luminaire to specifications. Finally, the product arrives on-site with clear, precise labeling, allowing wattage calculations based on actual versus highest possible values. Users can also specify a particular indirect/direct distribution for desired visual comfort (I/D fixtures only) with uplight and downlight programmed independently for maximum fixture flexibility.

Vi technology provides verifiable wattage for compliance with programs, agencies, state, and local codes. Luminaires with Vi technology are suitable for hallways, corridors, and stairwells in facilities such as schools and offices.

MODx can be pendant, surface, recessed, or wall mount and is available with 3″, 4″, or 6″ apertures. The fixture comes in 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, or 8′ lengths; the recessed fixture is offered in 3″ increments.

The MODx has magnetic end caps that are attached after the diffusers are installed. The end cap design prevents visible diffuser seams or gaps, providing for diffuser expansion while at the same time eliminating light leaks. The pendant’s die-cast end caps overlap the diffuser and apply outward pressure on the extruded side rails to eliminate light leaks. The recessed version’s end caps slide vertically into place to eliminate risk of diffuser breakage during installation and removal.

MODx offers uniformity along the slot length while precise wiring and white, low profile connectors eliminate shadowing. It has two SDCM (standard deviation color matching) color variation within the fixtures and from fixture-to-fixture. MODx specifiable lighting is offered with a clear, magnetic dust cover attachment; daylight and occupancy sensors; and 10%, 1%, Lutron or DALI dimming options. An X-bracket design assists installers by providing reliable fixture alignment, extruded screw channels ensure tight seams, and captive reflector assemblies allow safe access to internal components.

Litecontrol has also introduced new corner extensions for the MODx family, featuring a recessed wall mount, corner system connectors, sensor integration, regressed lens, and baffle with overlay. This allows architects and designers to create patterns of light that enhance the space, provide visual highlights, and augment the aesthetics of the lit interior.

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