S2 Magic Monitor Version 3
 Video Display

Extensive new software features and S2 NetBox integration are now available as plug-and-go appliances

S2 Security has released version 3 of the S2 Magic Monitor video display and digital signage solution. It enables security, safety, and informational content to be shown anywhere throughout an enterprise with appliances that provide plug-and-go client solution options, ranging from single displays to expansive video walls. A software only solution is also available.

video displayS2 Magic Monitor version 3 increases digital content control, enhances integration with S2 NetBox systems, and offers plug-and-go appliance options. Updates include:

  • S2 NetBox Integration: S2 NetBox activity log with active controls, including viewing of cardholder photo ID, video event replay, and more
  • Remote Content Control: Remote control over displays and video streams across multiple Magic Monitors
  • Dynamic Content Widgets: Dynamic content options such as time zone clocks, weather, traffic, news scroll ticker, and RSS feeds
  • Plug-and-Go Appliances: New plug-and-go appliances support solution options ranging from single displays to expansive view walls

“Version 3 really shows off what Magic Monitor is all about,” said John Moss, CEO, S2 Security. “It gives you real control over situational awareness in security and safety situations.”

Versatile and responsive, S2 Magic Monitor solves a wide range of security and operational problems. Whether in an operations center, in public areas, at the front desk, or in the field, S2 Magic Monitor delivers the visual information needed for virtually any situation. Users can assess and manage situations from anywhere and control messaging across a facility.

Video streams from any S2 NetVR server can be directed to any local or remote Magic Monitor video display by dragging and dropping cameras within the user interface. Other features include video playback from a live video stream, digital zoom on a live or recorded video stream, and on-screen PTZ controls. Integrated advanced forensics make it easy to search, review, and catalog video.

Beyond live surveillance video and forensics, S2 Magic Monitor can project digital signage, images, RSS feeds, television, and promotional videos to any Magic Monitor on the network. Standard widgets for time zone clocks, traffic, weather, and news feeds are built-in. Digital content is easily shared in real time, whether on command or when triggered by events and alarms. E-mailed exports can be shared as images, clips, or forensic cases with colleagues, managers, or law enforcement.