Sculpted 3D Rainscreen System By Metalwërks

Sculpted 3D Rainscreen System By Metalwërks Offers Three Looks

Available in three forms, this solid metal wall panel product helps to create a bold aesthetic for facility exteriors.
Available in three forms, this solid metal wall panel product helps to create a bold aesthetic for facility exteriors.

Metalwërks has introduced the Sculpted™ 3D Rainscreen System, a dry-set, solid metal wall panel with three complementary and interchangeable design schemes that produce the bold three-dimensional forms for facility exteriors. This rain screen system is now engineered for optional integrated features, including vegetative planters and irrigation for living walls (both patent pending), and LED lighting for a wall washing effect or backlight effect.

rainscreen system
Shown here is Metalwërks Ribbon design.

There are three Sculpted 3D design schemes — Parametric, Ribbon and Minimal. These designs have been pre-formatted for simplicity of use, but are not limited to these schemes alone. Each design scheme lends distinct forms, rhythms, and textures to a wall expanse; some panels can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Parametric provides a design that permits the pre-engineered use of custom non-rectilinear profiles with obtuse and sloping lines. The product also provides an area of “blank canvas” for adding randomly or rhythmically-located CNC pattern cut holes, backlighting, or logos/ graphics.

Ribbon offers an undulating basket weave effect, which can merge with flat wall areas in a seamless fashion.

Minimal permits an interchangeable set of projecting light cove and planter profiles to an otherwise flat wall cladding system.

rainscreen system
Metalwërks Sculped 3D Rainscreen System Designs: (from l to r) Parametric, Ribbon, Minimal (Click to enlarge)

Metalwërks Sculpted 3D is a design-forward drained and back ventilated (DBV) rainscreen wall system that can be used throughout the entire building façade. In addition to serving as an exterior envelope system, it offers other more ornamental design opportunities such as feature walls; demising/privacy walls; interior lobby spaces; and exterior or interior facades for large public structures such as stadiums, convention centers, hotels, and public transit centers, including airports.

The launch of Metalwërks Sculpted 3D Rainscreen System follows the company’s recent announcement that it will focus all of its efforts on designing and manufacturing its solid metal products.

Founded in 1968, Metalwërks is a U.S. manufacturer of precision high-performance metal plate exterior facade systems, integrated curtain wall components, and custom architectural features. The company works in collaboration with architects to achieve new levels of form and function in systems precision-manufactured from solid metal plate.

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