Pipe Marking Guide Helps users Comply With ANSI/AMSE A13.1

The Pipe Marking Color and Size Guide helps users to comply with ANSI/AMSE A13.1.

The Pipe Marking Color and Size Guide helps users to comply with ANSI/AMSE A13.1.

Brady Pipe Marking Guide

A color and size guide that offers recommendations for effective and compliant pipe identification

Pipe Marking Guide Helps users Comply With ANSI/AMSE A13.1

The Pipe Marking Color and Size Guide from Brady Corporation helps users to comply with ANSI/AMSE A13.1. It serves as a pipe marking guide by providing color, size, and visibility recommendations for workplace pipe marking.

pipe marking guide“While pipe labeling standards are not specifically outlined by OSHA, standard 1910.261(a)(3)(i) notes that ANSI/AMSE standard A13.1 is the recommended scheme for pipe system identification,” says Tom Smith, regional product manager for Brady. “Brady’s Pipe Marking Guide provides readers with visuals and explanations around pipe marking best practices.”

The ANSI standard A13.1 states that, “Markers shall be located so that they are readily visible to plant personnel from the point of normal approach.” They need to instantly tell you all you need to know about pipe contents, direction of flow, and whether the contents are hazardous or safe.

This Pipe Marking Color and Size Guide includes classification and color schemes, pipe marking and lettering size recommendations, pipe marking visibility and location, and legend and color combinations and changes.

Brady offers a variety of pipe marking products for use with the Pipe Marking Color and Size Guide. These include:

  • Pipe Markers and Valve Tags – pre-printed pipe markers, including vinyl labels, wrap-around markers, arrow banding tape, and roll-form markers are available, as are valve tags in various colors and materials.
  • Pipe Marking Label Printers

The BMP71 Portable Label Printer is suitable for printing pipe markers on the spot. With label widths printable up to 2″ on continuous tapes, users may print pipe markers for pipes with a diameter up to 6″ wide. The BMP71 labeler can print on more than 30 types of label materials—including PermaSleeve® wire markers, indoor/outdoor vinyl, polyester die-cut labels, flag labels, self-laminating wire markers, and raised panel labels.

The BBP31 Label Printer is a desktop label printer alternative that is a cost-effective option for printing higher volumes of pipe markers, big or small. With the ability to print vinyl pipe markers for pipes up to 10″ in diameter and bigger, this printer can help users cover their pipe marking needs. It features a “walk-up-and-print” touch screen interface and easy-to-load material cartridges without calibration (approximately 15-20 seconds).

  • Pipe Marking Label Printer Software

The Brady Workstation Application is a well-rounded label printing software, designed to handle printing jobs for many kinds of facility identification, including pipe marking. Users can install different applications based on the type of print jobs, giving the option to print various types of pipe markers with the Brady desktop printer.

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